Don’t Be Creepy

small eye


Don’t be creepy, I said, as she slunk down the passageway when she heard me

come inside and began circling the bowl.

I just fed you an hour ago.

But she looked up at me with her one cold, implacable eye.

Look at you, I said. You’re tubby.

I’m not fat, she said, Just fluffy. Will you please feed me?

I had no comeback for that.

You can’t argue with a cat.










4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Creepy

  1. I like this poem, as you know, I have a strong interest in the animals in our lives. I think this poem might be better, stronger, with one comma added after “come inside”, to prevent momentary confusion on who was circling the bowl. Or a change in the first line could do the same thing. But as I said, I like the poem as is!


  2. Thanks Carolyn. You may be right. Will give some thought to this. And thanks for following my blog. Not sure but I think I’, following yours


    • I have many blogs, John, and early next year I want to get them organised and have one main ‘Carolyn Cordon wordsmith’ blog, and have links to the others … Blogging is a fun and interesting thing to do, but life both adds to the blogs, and gets in the way of working on them …


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