Three Thugs and a Mugging


They came at me when I was at my most vulnerable.

I had just got up

And gone outside to pee

and was crunching on a few cheese crackers.

“Give us yer loot!” the big one intimated

With hard, implacable eyes,

Big bony dagger drawn.

So I did

Throwing the crackers at them.

They grabbed it in their beaks and flew off

Black cloaks drawn around them

Into the big blue sky.

4 thoughts on “Three Thugs and a Mugging

    • An interesting question John. I think Crows would only attack a vulnerable human, an injured adult, or small child. They shy away quite readily. An adult human is much much bigger than a crow, or raven as they should be known. Did you know that, the Australian Crow isn’t actually a Crow at all, it’s a Raven. There are three Australian Crows and three Ravens, but it’s said that it’s difficult to tell the difference between them. I call them Crows, the ones I see in paddocks, on fences and flying off in groups or alone. I don’t know whether they are Crows though, or whether they’re Ravens. I just know the birds wouldn’t care one way or the other what I called them …


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