Too overcast.

Shadows on the ocean.

Clouds shifting.

Too much motion.


Anything could be anything.

Shadows or sharks.

Stingrays or box jelly-fish.

Too dark.


You just don’t know.

Cannot say.

No, sir. Not going in.

No swimming today.







She likes the new me, the gentler me.

The one that’s considerate and consoling.

The nicer me. The fun me.

The accepting me.

Not the old one

Who criticizes and condemns

From his high moral ground.

Though we all know the old me lurks

just beneath the surface.

The creature from the black lagoon.




Read the Tide



Read the tide.

Don’t hide.

Don’t bury your head

In the sand.


The hand that thrills

Is also the hand that kills.

Leave nothing to chance.

Randomness is not your friend.

Know what comes around the bend.

Be ready.

Rock steady.

The promontory erodes.

Even the longest roads

Come to an end.

Randomness is not your friend.




Why I Stopped



Only when I noticed

The rusty red rat rubbing its rump

Against the end of the bed


Did I cut down on

The painkillers; though the pterodactyl

With the one jaundiced eye


thrashing its wings

Against the latticed windows didn’t

Help much either.