Will It Be Painless?



Is it any good pleading? Thompson says.

For your life? Not really.

But you can’t just toss me aside like a dog carcass, not after all I’ve done for you.

You were more than serviceable, W admits. But you’ve served your purpose. You can’t argue with me.

Will it be painless?


Well, get it over with then.

One minute, W says.

He reaches into his satchel and pulls out his laptop.

Finish your drink, W says. Out with the old and in with the new, he smiles, keyboarding fiercely.

And with that, Thompson is gone.


2 thoughts on “Will It Be Painless?

  1. Ouch, just like that? What was his crime, John? What did he do wrong?
    Wasw this a character you decided didn’t have a place at all, or was his time in the story over, so you killed him.
    Death is so final, in whatever form it comes …


  2. His ‘crime’ Carolyn was that he had served his purpose in W’s story and was , what’s that saying?, ‘surplus to requirements’. We writers are a BRUTAL lot, Carolyn: once we are finished with a character we kill them, much as writers of soap operas do constantly. The best we can do is apologize. I thought of these things when I wrote this flash fiction piece.


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