The Alcoholic Cat



Hey! Who’s been drinking my wine?

Rosco shrugs his shoulders.

It’s not the first time I’ve noticed the level’s fallen, I say. Do you know anything about this?

I only had a few mouthfuls.

But you’re a cat!

What is this? Can’t a cat be allowed to drink now? The RSPCA would have something to say about that.

Indeed it might but it might not be to your liking.

I thought I had him there.

Well, the top was off.

To let it breathe! Not as an invitation to drink!


Drink your own wine, I snap.

I just can’t walk into a bottle shop you know and ask ….

Look, I’ll put a few mouthfuls in your bowl each evening if you must drink.

It’s for medicinal purposes only, you understand and looks up purring with innocence — and hope.

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