Execution on the Golf Course


We sit on the deck, sipping our gin and tonics, watching the sun go down over the golf course when we spot a police vehicle drive onto the fairway and towards the rough where the car stops and an officer gets out. Three shots ring out.

Over dinner the head waiter fills us in. A king ‘roo had been hit by an SUV and wandered onto the course badly wounded, terrifying golfers whereby the manager phoned the RSPCA who suggested they phone the police. The ‘roo had been put down.

We drink our wine subdued as the dark creeps in.

4 thoughts on “Execution on the Golf Course

  1. That poor kangaroo! Glad it didn’t suffer for very long. I can’t imagine hitting one with a car. Does that happen often?

    Very eloquent writing, by the way. As always, you kept my attention, and it made me want more when I finished. You are very skilled! 🙂

    Happy posting! Until next read!


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  2. not that often thankfully. now and then you see them along the side of a road. such roadkill comes with the rising kangaroo numbers. thanks for the compliment. the trick is not too get too wordy in these episodes without being too niggardly. it is always a fine balance 🙂

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    • I didn’t know kangaroos could be common roadkill! Whoa…Mind blown. 🙂

      Balance. Shoot, I wish I could find mine sometimes…I’m always reining myself in when I jump the gun while writing. My rational self says,

      “Beth! NO! Not yet! Don’t give everything away, silly!”

      My impulsive self says, “But I want them to understand where it’s all coming fr–”

      “NOOOOO! Show, don’t tell! World-build for better effect!”

      It’s a curse, lol… 😛 But I’m glad you found your balance. It’s inspiring, and gives me hope! 🙂


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  3. Hi Beth. I’m not sure if I did get the balance right but I believe I have. If there is any advice I would say, show less than more, imply rather than tell. You can over explain and kill the piece. I will follow your writing journey with interest 🙂

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