You Coming Up?


It’s a great day to be on the roof. You coming up?

I don’t know, I say. It’s an awfully long way.

Don’t be a wuss! She says.

Watch it, I say.


But she scrambles up, climbing the tiled slopes and disappears.

What’s it like? I call.

Fan—bloody—tastic!! She says. You should see this.

You can tell me about it later, I say. Write me a poem.


The sun climbs towards its zenith, begins it s long slide towards the sea.

I hear nothing till dinner time when I hear plaintive cries.

I let her stew for a while then  go out the back, look up.

She’s near the gutter but doesn’t go any further.


What’s wrong? I say.

Get me down, she whimpers.

What’s wrong? You can get up. You can get down.

It’s an awfully long way, she wails.

Who’s a ‘fraidy cat now?

I’m sorry I called you a ‘wuss’, she says.

I reach up, lift her down. She runs straight to her bowl.


What’s the forecast tomorrow? She asks after she’s finished eating.

Overcast with a chance of showers.

Damn! She meows but sounds almost glad.



10 thoughts on “You Coming Up?

      • Yep. Ever had this happen to you? 🙂

        Cat: is that tuna?

        Person: no, it’s the can. I just dumped it all in your dish, remember?

        Cat: give me the tuna, human.

        Person: i just gave it to you–

        Cat: NOW, HUMAN!!!

        (Lived out in the country once, and there were many barn cats to keep the mouse population down. This was a common occurrence during tuna- time. Lol! 😉 )

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  1. Indeed. the funny thing is when i wrote this I had no intention of disguising her identity as a cat; it’s just how it wrote itself; only when I got to the end did I realize I should make it make it explicit. This is my second foray with my cat. Have you read ‘Can I Come and Stay?’

    Liked by 1 person

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