Hold Like an Apple


Whenever I feel a poem ‘coming on’

The images flickering before me like dragonflies

In sunlight, the sentences skittering off

In the distance, I feel like Cezanne bawling out

Vollard who kept falling asleep during a pose,

“Wretch! Stay still! You’re ruining everything.

You  must hold your pose like an apple.”

6 thoughts on “Hold Like an Apple

  1. Aw , I love it!!!!!! It remind me of my high school years in art school. We did have a model to draw for nude poses, but, for sketches and other drawings students had to pose with clothes on. AND, you had to hold a pose for 1/2 hour or more. So boring and at one point so painful. No one in the Universe is capable of stillness, even apples vibrate under invisible energy. Great, great poem. Such a wonderful words to start my day.

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  2. Thank you. I was hesitating to put it up but your response justified it. I like your comment about apples. The incident came from a book by Alex Danchev on ‘Cezanne: A Life’. I call the poem a ‘felicitous’ poem as it almost wrote itself 🙂

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    • I truly believe that the best things that happen to us in life are the things that write themselves with no planning or help from us. When we stop controlling events and situations and we allow life to flow freely ..amazing things happen to us.

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