10 thoughts on “On Reading 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret

    • Hey–sorry for this late reply!

      I absolutely adore writing funny things. Life’s too short not to laugh. I think it’s fun to write serious stuff, but it’s a different category of fun. Sort of like a “unburdening yourself and finding a solution” kind of fun (like a puzzle, or a solving a mystery).

      That’s what I think, at any rate. What do you think? 🙂 I’m curious.



  1. It’s a tough one, Beth but yes, I can do serious. some of my poems are serious and they were fun to write but I tend not to post them. maybe I’m afraid I will turn people away. I guess I tend to gravitate — that’s an oxymoron isn’t it? — towards lighter material. a serious statement now: I have often wanted to do stand-up but I couldn’t be bothered learning the material by heart; I wasn’t willing to invest the time; my mind was always racing onto other stuff. but my stand-up comes through in much of the writing I post. whew! that’s a lot 🙂

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    • I love you’re writing; it makes me happy! And I hope to read your serious work someday, when you are ready to share it. To every writer their preferred genre, however. 🙂 I mostly write funny things when I feel my blog is getting too serious. Lol!

      I hope you will try stand up someday, and let us know how it goes!

      Also, thank you for your feedback on my latest R.A.W. post! It was fun to write. I’m very glad truth charms are fictional, though they would be helpful in some cases. 🙂

      The next segment will be a little darker, focusing more on serious stuff.

      Have a good day, friend!


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  2. thanks Beth. The post I just put up is more serious — can you guess what it is before you get to the end? — but it is written in a playful way. I’m glad my posts make you happy. I am mostly a buoyant boy 🙂


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