“Bugger”, says Scruff. “Bugger”.

He’s back to his old intemperate self.

“What’s got your goat now?” I say.

“How am I supposed to get to the top branch now?? You know how I love the top branch. Someone took the tall ladder away and replaced it with THAT RUNT!!”

His wing is pointing at the little ladder against the weeping myrtle.

“Excuse me,” I say, “but you can’t expect the gardener to consult with magpies every time he shifts a ladder.”

Scruffy has that evil look in his eye.


“Besides”, I add, “has anyone ever pointed out those two appendages, one on each side of your body? They can get you places.”

“Sarcastic snob!” he snaps. “I use them all the time like you your legs. Aches and pains. I prefer to hop up rungs.”

“Have it your own way,” I say, but my heart goes out to him all the same. “I know what you mean,” I add. “I’ll speak to the gardener.”

I notice a little spring in his hop.

6 thoughts on “Runt

  1. aw..I agree with scraffy! Sometimes we are too tired to fly solo and we need a little bit of help from things and people around us….
    Your stories are always witty and fun to read.
    I think I will use the exclamation ,” sarcastic snob!” more often. I love it. So simple, yet so direct and honest. I have a bunch of sarcastic snobs around me….actually… this morning, while combing my hair, I caught this woman “staring at me” in the mirror, and we made “eye contact….she was such a sarcastic snob… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol . Actually it was meant to be ‘sarcastic sod’ but ‘snob’ went down instead perhaps in unconscious recognition that ‘bugger’ is more an Australian swear word whereas ‘sod’ is more English so there was this uneasy mix of dialects. Sometimes the unconscious like God works in mysterious ways 🙂


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