The Last Word


You always want the last word.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror, question yourself?

You like things open and shut. In neat little packages.

Even when we can’t see you, we hear you.

I’ll give you this. You go about your work quietly, not like your loud, foot stamping cousins

But there’s so many of you. You could loosen up, give others a go.

I know in some countries you go by a different name

But a rose by any other name is still a rose

And a full stop by any other term is still a full stop.

4 thoughts on “The Last Word

    • the trick in writing riddle poems is to ensure all clues are accurate and that they are arranged in an incremental manner so that the reader can guess as she approaches the end; but the hardest part is to make it work as a poem 🙂


  1. I appreciate that . It was thoughtfully constructed, approaching the format of a riddle. I like poems like that where the reader has to work at the poem to work out the subject. I had thought of incorporating rhymr but that would have been an added complication — for me 🙂


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