Unstable Cliffs


Unstable Cliffs, the sign read. Extreme Danger. Stay Clear.

And I thought of the unstable Cliffs I had known:

The deputy that barked at me when I called in sick,

My cousin’s boyfriend who punched holes in the wall

Whenever he was denied,

And the glue-sniffing Cliff I taught in Year 11 who fell asleep

On the tracks and was run over by a train.

They should have come with warnings too.

9 thoughts on “Unstable Cliffs

    • It makes me sad when I think of the glue sniffing guy as a child and then as an adult. When I see mugshots of teens and adults, I think of their childhood. they were kids and babies–innocent, curious, and full of hope and love. It makes me sad to think that such happy babies ended up as serial killers or as drug addicts. I wish we could see the first rotten spot on a healthy apple, before the worm reaches the core. But, we cannot. And this makes me sad.

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  1. I agree. Holden Caulfield in ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ expressed such sentiments memorably. As a teacher I taught the book for many years in Year 11. Cliff ironically would have been exposed to such sentiments. I’m sorry that he did not turn his life around. Have you read that novel? It is still one of my favourites. btw I enjoy having these discussions with you

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