.Look, she says. Look. There are two moons tonight. Do you think that means anything?

Like end times, you mean?

I don’t know, she says. It can’t be good.

We move closer. There they are above the rooftops, one higher and to the right of the other.

Someone in the ranch-style house switches the porch light on and joins us.

My ex-wife phoned, he says. She saw it too. She’s bit of a sky watcher.

So we stand there out the front as one then the other veer off in a north-easterly direction, silent and glowing as moons.

Two Moons

9 thoughts on “Two Moons

    • You know, I think I will! Here goes nothing. Ahem. :p

      Do you see the other moon? There are two now in the sky!

      There’s a rumor that Lady Moon has found herself a guy!

      Are the bureaucrats above mocking us below?

      Have they lost their holy minds? We may never know!

      Whatever will we do? What does this mean for humankind?

      Has the world gone mad? Or am I just behind the times?

      As far as I can tell, having two moons may not be so bad!

      Just one moon for ages, she must be lonely and very sad!

      Are you happy, Lady Moon? Now that you found yourself a guy?

      Be gentlemanly, second moon! She is a little shy!

      That’s all I got. That was a difficult one for me, but I loved the challenge! Thanks, John! 🙂 I hope you’re well.


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