The Stain


The wine had been sitting in the glass

for three hot days

when I poured it




& saw the stain

it left

on the side:

a sigil

a rune-like mark

Of some sort,


Angel or demon,


Or curse?

The drinker’s version of ‘the writing

on the wall’?

A message from another world?

I look at it long




what does it look like to you?

7 thoughts on “The Stain

  1. LOL. Yeh, it sent me to Google too after I cane across it in an article. How happy I was to use it in a poem. I used it originally as the poem’s title but traffic was slow so I changed it to the more mundane ‘stain’. I wonder how important the title of a post is??


  2. Oh. I like that 🙂 it amazes me that that stain appeared naturally, a wine friend suggested it could be the tannins or a fault in the glass itself but I’ve cleaned it and checked — it’s all uniformly smooth. Creepy

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