Creativity is a Terrible Thing


Creativity is a terrible thing,

He says,

When it gets you in its clutches.

It won’t let you sleep, rest.

It jerks you awake,

Kicks you out of bed,

And before you know it

You’re at the keyboard

At 3 a.m.

Belting out a poem

Belting through the bleariness

To get it down

Then head back to bed

Where it starts again

The brain twitch, the jerk,

The plummet into wakefulness.

You don’t even make a living out of it

But it’s the way you’re living

The gift, equal curse

But when that sweet chariot swoops you up,

Oh the rush, the voltage,

That gift

You’d trade your grandmother for it

Were she still around.

15 thoughts on “Creativity is a Terrible Thing

  1. As you probably know, cats and I have an interesting relationship. I am certainly not a cat lover, I simply no longer live with a cat. My dog, Missy got up close and personal with an invading cat the other day, and I hope they don’t ever do that again. I think the cat got a fright, and I hope it learned it’s lesson. But the cat scratched up poor Missy’s muzzle a bit, so Graham had to be nurse, and put betadine on the scratches, to prevent possible infection.

    Cat’s have always intrigued me, and I love their beauty and their flexible ways of being.

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    • I thought you already knew this John. I once wrote a cat poem that made some people think I hated cats, and they didn’t like me because of it.
      It’s that problem when the ‘I’ of the writing isn’t actually the author … I certainly prefer dogs to cats as pets, and feel cats should be kept away from wildlife, but I certainly don’t hate them.
      I have some cat poems in my collection ‘Tense and Still’ More dog poems there, though, because, well, “Write that you know”.

      Liked by 1 person

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