I Never Heard It Coming


We’d just got back from the beach.

I pulled out a book, she put on a CD.

Peaceful, floaty music.

Music to paddle-board to.

But then it changed.

The tempo picked up, the violinists

Played furiously

Like The Two Cellos playing AC/DC.

It was ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi.

I thought, what’s there to get worked up about

With Winter?

Spring, yes, but Winter?

Sluggish, soporific Winter.

But those violins were working up a storm.

You do get storms in winter —gusts, gales, blizzards.

I wanted to get up and fight someone.

Bloody Vivaldi.

One minute I was paddle boarding, the next

I was tumbling in the wild surf.

You just can’t trust classical music.


have you ever come across a piece of music, rock or classical, that changes stride suddenly and drastically?



6 thoughts on “I Never Heard It Coming

  1. I remember buying an LP on the basis of the cover from a band called Opeth. Never heard of them. Started listening with headphones on. It started soothing and beautiful So I turned the volume up. Bug mistake. Suddenly switched to growling singing and metal. Ears rang for days.

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  2. I was standing in the train station once and needed to kill time because I was too early for an appointment. There was a street musician playing a cello. Usually I have various associations with music. But this time I felt pure super-strong sadness not associated or connected to anything. I just felt a strong urge to cry and not about anything in particular. And then I had to go and I never found out the name of the song. I searched but I hated all the cello music I could find and they all had slow passages or uneven feelings– nothing as pure as I had heard. It’s hard to explain an unattached emotion not connected to an event. It never happened again. It’s always about something.
        Side note: That’s one of my pet peeves about Classical music; I’m really enjoying a passage and it’s building to a place I want to go and then suddenly they stick in a slow passage — I don’t care if it’s artistic or clever or skillful: I want to go where I was about to go. I’m an admirer of famous excerpts, but I wish they would finish them properly and not just put them in commercials and movies. I remember hearing classical music in old cartoons. They were great. I even remember that once a cartoon character was lamenting about Shubert’s Unfinished Symphony, and in the cartoon they actually finished it — wonderful (don’t know who the composer was, but it really fit the style perfectly and was fully orchestrated).

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  3. thanks Doug; I really enjoyed reading that —- it’s a wonderful response to my little poem. Thanks. Was that a Peanuts cartoon you were referring to? Cartoons can encapsulate so much in a few panels.


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