Too Much




It’s a good day, I said, the sun angling through the red gums hooking our attention.

I don’t know, he said, Friday was pretty impressive too  [referring to the hailstorm]

then he looked at me, knowing I’m a poet, and said, you gunna write about it?

& I said, without thinking, when I get time, Mark, when I get time

& I thought about it afterwards, how you could write about almost anything at all

even the least bit startling — a rock maybe metamorphosing into a frog, the hurtle of creekwater rounding a bend, a screech of cockatoos tearing up the sky

there’d be so many you wouldn’t know where to stop. You’d be writing all day

& the night would hold some surprises too — a spider abseiling down a branch,  a fuchsia sunset or a blood moon, the soft sounds of love —-

everything offering itself into words: there’d be no end to it; in the end you’d have to

avert your eyes, close your mind, do what you were told never to do and NOT listen

to the Muse; only then would you get some peace, the world so ablaze with glory

the problem is not too little but too much.


is that the problem with your writing — too much to write about?

or is it writers’ block?

how do you deal with it?


8 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. There is always something I want to express as I know it in my mind, but I never get to say it as I intended. A poem drifts in meaning as I get the notion for interesting words and rhymes or rhythms and as they insist on being included I have to change the theme and meaning entirely or otherwise it would be incoherent. Of course, now that it’s drifted wildly, it is saying something much more interesting than what I wanted to say. So, sometimes it turns out well and is a really good poem, saying something important, but it’s not want I wanted to say..
        Conundrum: I never get to express myself and make the point that I wanted to make. op.cit. *I put a comment about this “being of two minds”-thing somewhere on this site — I don’t remember where.

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  2. For me, figuring out which is the best thing to write is my most difficult thing. A new blog post? Work on my novel (which one though?) That damned next poetry collection, or really, that (first) chapbook? And which publisher to try, or do I go the self publish route again …

    And there’s the collaboration book I need to work on, plus the community newsletter I edit … Or sit here on my laptop, confident a choice will be made, and things will happen, eventually.

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  3. you are a busy person, Carolyn and that makes you an interesting person; I face similar dilemmas: flash fiction or short stories or more poems??? Yes, we don’t need to think too much; a choice, often subconsciously, will be made and a piece will be written. Us writers are not idle for long 🙂


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