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 I’ve come to mistrust the little guy who lives inside my head. He used to be such a nice guy but over the years he’s become a little loopy, his thinking transgressive. Now I hardly know him. He’s a loose cannon, an IED waiting to be stepped on. Look, I say, let’s be reasonable. You can’t say that! And you definitely can’t do that! You want to end up in prison with me? Sometimes I give him drugs to quieten him, talk him down, try to get him to see reason. I love the little guy. I just wish he was more like me.


do you find yourself warring with yourself sometimes? how do you resolve differences? is there such a thing as a fully unified being?

4 thoughts on “Mistrust

  1. I have an Imp in my head, she’s inappropriate most of the time and if I’m not wary and awake her thoughts slip out of my mouth.
    I restrain the Imp with coffee, sometimes though, if I’m drinking wine she’s I’m far less guarded.

    The thing is I truly love her, the images she provides, the spark and mischief.

    It’s hard.

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  2. It’s the old Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde split; and the premise of those ‘Split’ itself and its sequel’ Glass’ by M Night Shamalayan who crry the ‘split’ to mathematical extremes. We’re lucky. You and I. We only have one ‘other’ to deal with 🙂

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