That Little Guy



I don’t know how to take the mattress that’s been dumped in our driveway.

Admittedly it’s not as bad as the dead cat that was dumped in our rubbish bin.

But it’s harder to get rid of.

It’s an affront.

You eye yr neighbors suspiciously.

Suspect the crotchety old bloke across the road.

And then you do something nutty.

You drag it up the driveway and dump it on the street.

You don’t think. You react.

That little guy inside yr head.

Someone in the middle of the night drags it back.

So you ….

It’s like a tug-of-war.

So what’s yr next move?

One thing’s for certain.

Yr not going to take this lying down.

4 thoughts on “That Little Guy

  1. It might not be the neighbor. I think the garbage collector did it. There’s always the “Yard Sale” — two for one: Buy a chair and get a free mattress. Or put a tent around it and call it a bouncy house. If a kid tears the tent, make them take the whole bouncy house, and pay for the damage. Or, use it as a silencer for a ballistics test of a gun. Do your shooting practice during the time when the perpetrator of the mattress dump is likely to be watching…. hmm, booby-trap the bouncy house and let the dumper look inside… Somebody is lying down on the collecting job I guess.

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