Hope is the Helium


I was down in the dumps when someone praised

A recent poem of mine.

I know we should be immune to Praise

And Criticism

But it’s hard not to be lifted

Like a hot air balloon

Above the petty doubts and grievances

That beset us all

And to bask in the warm sun of appreciation

Knowing that, yeh, we’re okay,

We’re going to get there

We are not alone.

Hope is the helium that keeps us aloft.


can you think of an occasion when praise made a difference in your life?

what is the helium that keeps you aloft?

13 thoughts on “Hope is the Helium

  1.     Breathing helium raises the voice, and it’s hard to stay grounded.

    Meadow of Doom

    Give me my praise
    I shall not be wanted

    Humble is praise in the valley
    where the lambs are abundant; I do
    not need to want for chops, and
    I’d have no need for stewing.

    Give me my paprika, the
    shepherdess is at the barbecue

    My staff, they comfort me not, for
    an office gives me my unjust humor;

    though cross, I’d let them
    humor me well and lead me

    to cross the river Styx into Egypt
    and find my sticks, no carrots

    do not fail me now, for

    I must be at a gate of Heaven
    to explain my case splayed out
    in the verbosity of the century, yea
    I come to praise Caesar and myself in kind

    Tell me Caesar is there
    and I am ubiquitous in
    the quadrillion words of praise.
    — Douglas Gilbert

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  2. I’ve never heard anyone say that we should be immune to praise. I mean, I get that we shouldn’t get too cocky and pompous, but appreciating praise is needed. It helps us feel better, and it helps us stay on track. It gives us motivation. It validates us. It means that we’re not just stumbling in the dark.

    Great piece. So airy.

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