Sparrow in the Library


I saw a sparrow hop across the carpet

in the library

toward the Express Collection Shelf.

I flicked my head

like an illusionist’s cape

& it was gone.

I went back to the article about Stevie Van Zandt

& his Summer of Sorcery Tour

& the sparrow

appeared again.

With another flick of my head

it reassembled

into a series of tan dots — & dashes.

Time to head off

to the optometrist again.

6 thoughts on “Sparrow in the Library

  1. thanks Carolyn. It is good to see the poem works. Like I said, it rolled off my pen in less than a minute. The only conscious thing I did was to put in the illusionist’s cape. Most of my poems though I have to labour over. How about you?


  2. Well to answer that question, today I decided to finally take a look at the Drabble. Looked at it, thought about it, wrote something, edited it slightly, and posted it to the website, all within half an hour or so. It all just flowed along like that.

    Is what I wrote any good, and will it be published? I don’t know, I just went with the flow.

    I think doing the 5 word challenges for the Words Out Loud radio program, and at the Gawler Poets at the Pub monthly event, where there is only a short time to write, help to get the mind moving, fast!

    And I wrote a poem a day for all of February too, which was a challenge, but I’m glad I did it. I am looking at producing a chapbook, later this year, with the poems I wrote …

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  3. it will be a good chapbook. I have always liked your style. As for The Drabble it takes a little time to get a reply but it is a great website and I would love to see your work on it. I’m not sure if you’ve read my latest post on there but I’ve had two rejections since. Ah well


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