In Praise of Slowness


It was World Turtle Day last week.

I was a little slow off the mark

But I’m onto it now penning these lines.

I’d write a little more; trouble is

things are whizzing by , my head is spinning.

I’ve got to slow down, take a pit stop,

Pace myself a little. Whew!

I should be done by next World Turtle Day

But I wouldn’t want to stick my neck out.

13 thoughts on “In Praise of Slowness

  1. “Onto it now penning these lines.” A truly impressive choice of words, John. I didn’t know there was a World Turtle Day, but I’ve always admired turtles. My orthodontist had some sort of pet tortoise named Stanley. As a sassy, smart-mouthed teenager at the time, I told her she’d better put him in her will because he’d likely outlive her.

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  2. We used to have a tortoise. His name was Trevor. He ‘ran away’ from home, soon after we moved him from his indoor tank, to an outside pond. I wonder, occasionally, whatever happened to him. He was named after the one time Commissioner of Taxation, Trevor Boucher. They both looked similar, around the jaw area.

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