Street of Hermits

hd-thinking-imagesI live in a street of hermits. I know people are there. I hear them putting out their rubbish bins in the evening. I see their TVs flickering in the windows at night. I hear the postman on his little buzz bike putting things in letter boxes, cars pulling in and out of driveways, voices in the street. I have not seen anybody for years. Perhaps I should get out more.



2 thoughts on “Street of Hermits

  1. It’s a sad thing to not mix with your neighbours … I know my closest neighbours by name, but we don’t ‘do things’ together … Would they help me if needed? I think so, one of them certainly helped me the one and only time I needed help. I think I’d do the same, I hope I would, anyway, that’s for sure.

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  2. I might add, Carolyn, that the piece is not autobiographical. My neighbors on both sides have helped me from time ti time and we are on good terms. Evn in the new place, a few have been ‘chatty’


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