Waiting for the Apocalypse


I am lying in bed waiting for the Apocalypse.

It is due fifteen minutes after midday.

We have been told these things before.

What do they know?

It is sunny outside though clouds are building.

There’s a piffle of a breeze rustling the bush outside my window though I notice it is picking up.

Could there be something in it?

Damn. There’s someone on the phone.

It’s Emily from my insurance company calling from interstate about a failed payment.

I question some details.

Just bear with me a moment, she says, as she scurries off to her superiors.

Don’t be long, I say. The Apocalypse is near.


The Apocalypse’

I’ll put you on hold, she says.

Dogs whine, doors clatter, the sky darkens.

Just then ADT Security phones.

What is wrong with you people? Don’t you know the Apocalypse is nigh?


I go out to the verge, bring in the bins, look around. The winds have dropped.

All quiet on the western front.

Gus, the Jack Russel next door, barks at my presence.

It’s okay, buddy. It’s only me. And anyway it’s been postponed.

What has? it barks.

The Apocalypse.


Yes, again.

What the %$%&#.

Calm your farm, buddy.  We get to live another day.

I go inside, wait for the next alert.


11 thoughts on “Waiting for the Apocalypse

  1. Haha. with the strong winds this afternoon, and the rain that has now begun, with black clouds up there through the window, the “Apocalypse may have arrived, and I’m going out tonight in my little car. I hope the wind doesn’t carry my car and I off into a paddock!

    I have the car well weighed down with books and things, so hope that will continue to keep car and I safe! Keep safe John, and keep warm and dry, as I will try to too!

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  2. now there’s a challenge for you: a short, short story portraying the Apocalypse — of course, it would have a surprise ending like your piece, ‘The Haunted’. I’ve thought about it but I don’t think I could pull it off


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