Promise Me You’ll Shoot Yourself


I go to borrow a book but the librarian takes me aside.

You take care, she says. I will, I promise. So when I get home

I remove all sharp objects, have a packet of anti-depressants

at my side and put on the Monty Python song’ Always Look

on the Bright Side of Things.’ I have beside me  a poem

‘Hope is the Helium’ though modesty forbids ……. and have

the Lifeline number at the ready. I flick through the grim

chapter headings and brace myself for an ordeal.

At least there are no photographs.


  • have you read any books lately that have disturbed you?
  • is it permissible to make jokes — black humor — about subjects like the above?
  • is there even a point — aside from morbid curiosity — in even reading such books?

10 thoughts on “Promise Me You’ll Shoot Yourself

  1. I didn’t realize that. According to the author’s descriptions of the situation confronting ordinary Germans it was the only sane response, A similar thing happened in Japan during the closing months of the war. Cowardly me couldn’t get beyond the first few chapters.

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  2. Hi John, Not sure which book you are referring to. But I have read a few books that have left me disturbed, including To Kill a Mockingbird.

    But one movie, ‘Water’, left me shaking with anger and thankful that my family did not do the same to me. They gave me a second chance at life.
    The movie was about Hindu widows. Imagine a life where you are still young, intelligent, well read, and full of life, say 16, and a person’s death pushes you in the underland—a place which is all grey, where you are not allowed to smile, wear colors and ornaments, hear music, or socialize. Your entire life is meant to beg and serve and not ask. There is no escaping because remarriage is out of question…

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  3. yes, that is a dreadful fate; hopefully things are changing now. The title of my post is the grim title of the book which is about the prevalence of suicides in Nazi Germany during the closing year of the war when Russia and the Allies were closing in and mass rapes were becoming common 😦


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