Off With the Fairies


Where’s Uncle Midge? I asked

one sunny afternoon.

He’s off with the fairies again, aunty said

Then quickly changed the topic.

Off with the fairies? How did aunty know?

Did he leave a note saying he’d be back

By so and so a time?

It was hard to imagine Uncle frolicking with the fairies

if that is what

One does when one is ‘off with them’.

He seemed too weighty and substantial for that.

And anyway where was he off to?

Where does one go when one is ‘off with the fairies’?

I looked out the lounge room window out

To the backyard where uncle often used to wander

But there was nothing — only a pair

Of garden gnomes who seemed to be smiling

As if they had seen something.

10 thoughts on “Off With the Fairies

  1. I am. SA stands for South Australia. We have our own unique Aussie vocab, some inherited from our ‘mother country’ of which ‘off with the fairies’ is probably one. Uncle was an oddity. He had eletro-convulsive therapy at one stage but he was always happiest when ‘off with the fairies’ 🙂


  2. thanks Chelsea; glad you enjoyed it; uncle would have been proud: I can see him now on the back porch, looking out at the drizzle, proclaiming “if this weather keeps up, we’ll have more of it” 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing, John. Ah, why can’t we be happy for people who prance with the fairies? Are we jealous of their minds or just scared of what they can do? Gotta make them fit back into our little crayon boxes and resume colouring. No more fairie prancing for so many amazing minds back then…..I know what it’s like to be viewed that way.


    • so do I, Karen; Uncle Midge reminds me of myself in many ways though I haven’t had an ECT thank goodness 🙂 aren’t all writers like that, all artists to some extent? glad you enjoyed it; and I loved your comment 🙂

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