Devil of a Prompt


This little red demon is driving me mad. Why? Because I can’t come up with a poem or flash fiction piece or even a caption to go with it.  Can you? Would love to hear what you come up with. Please post your contribution in the comment column. It will be great to see the results. The little red demon will be pleased too

11 thoughts on “Devil of a Prompt

  1. A Red Devil

    Hood ornament or radiator cap
    On a Vauxhall, Citroen or something similar
    Found in proximity
    Of The Bay to Birdwood
    Espousing feelings from a previous age
    Thoughts of a politician’s freedom
    In recent times
    Going for a spin
    Thumbing one’s nose
    At society’s thoughts

    A nonchalant expression
    The feeling for the day
    The Roaring Twenties
    Expressing freedom to drive or ride
    In these new-fangled devices
    Technology to signal independence
    Ever burgeoning suburbs
    And peak oil
    Thumbing one’s nose at society indeed…!

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  2. happy travels

    Oo la la! I’m on this car,
    thumbing my nose at all,
    away we go, up the hill
    traffic slowed to a crawl

    With an attitude, a tiny bit rude
    but a sprinkle of joie de vie
    I’ll travel miles, lots of smiles
    All because of me!


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