Under the Influence



Under the influence

I wrote copiously

From midnight to morning



A devil held my hand

An accomplice flayed my side

My mind had an erection

It could not hide


All my past spilled out

From the attic of my mind

My pen swept it up

I was writing blind.


Such dark energy

Flowed through me

and out through my fingers

its estuary.


* have you ever been driven to write in the middle of the night that took hours?

7 thoughts on “Under the Influence

  1. Wow. I can definitely relate to this. Like a flurry of information is passing through your mind. You forego sleep and continue to write furiously. I actually miss those days when it happens. I’m sure they’ll come up once I start in on my next manuscript.

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    • the trouble is, Sarah, as you well know the ‘muse’ will touch us when she is ready 🙂 but I hope she comes to you when you start your next poetry manuscript; you are so prolific it seems you have no trouble finding inspiration 🙂


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