How To Read Signs


Any chance of a coffee, Cheryl?

I’m busy, John. Can you get one from the machine? It does a good job.

Not as good as you, Cheryl.

She smiled but it was no go. So I went to the machine. There was a sign on it saying, Apologies. This Machine Is Out Of Order.

So I went and told Cheryl.

That’s funny, she said. It was working earlier. I’ll have a look.

A few minutes later, she brought me a coffee.

The machine’s working, John but I brought you a coffee anyway.

That’s funny: the sign said it wasn’t working.

The sign was on the side of the machine, she said. Only if it’s on the front does it hold true.

Oh? I said. Oh.

So I thanked her and after I drank the coffee, I left, a little troubled.

At home, I flipped through the community newspaper and found just the course I wanted: How To Read Signs. I filled out the form, sent in the cheque and enrolled immediately.

Never again would I be caught short before a sign.




9 thoughts on “How To Read Signs

  1. thanks Beth; yes, I do enjoy writing upbeat posts just as people prefer upbeat movies; we were going to see ‘Judy’ about the last years of Judy Garland’s life but we knew no matter how well done, it would be heavy going so we didn’t bother

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  2. we are all capable of misreading signs; I remember once when the new gallery opened and not everything was quite in place I went into the gents and after went t dry my hands but there was a new form of hand dryer with a sign underrneath, saying ‘How To Operate the Hand Dryer’ but the instructions had not yet been put up; maybe it was self evident but I was puzzled 🙂

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