Do you realize it’s our anniversary today?

No, I didn’t.

Yes, we met a year ago today. In this pool.

Is that right?

Do you know something else?

What? She says.

We have never seen each other with clothes on.

You make it sound sexy. What shall we do to celebrate?

Swim, I suppose.

So off we go, me in my lane, she in hers, like we’ve been doing every Sunday for a year.


  • do you remember where you spent your first anniversary?


10 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Oh, this is so sweet!

    There is not one person in my life I consistently meet in a swimsuit. Lol! Maybe I should remedy that and join a gym. The $50 a month would probably be spent on cheeseburgers anyway. Or, in today’s case, 6 lbs of shrimp cocktail. 😉

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  2. Do I remember where I spent my first anniversary? Hell no and neither does my wife. In fact most years the conversation usually goes something like this.
    “Wasn’t it our anniversary last week?”
    “Oh yeah I guess it was. Happy anniversary.”
    “Happy anniversary.”
    I believe our “record” is letting a month go by.

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