I am losing the stems of words.

When ‘Brick’ comes on

My partner says, you know who sings that?

You’re good at names.

Partly, I say, the band’s name ends in a 5 or a 3.

She can’t think of a 3 but she jumps in

with ‘The Dave Clark Five’?

No, they’re English, I say. This guy, the lead singer

is an American , from Carolina, but he lives here, in Adelaide.

Why would he do that? She asks.

Well, we live here. It’s not a bad place. In spite of the jokes.

So who is it? She asks.

Do you know?

I’ll look it up, I say. Of course, my fingers snap, finding it immediately. Good old Google, The Ben Folds Five.

Never heard of them, she says.

Is this the beginning?

Losing the stems of words.


5 thoughts on “Stems

  1. haha. Ben has been living in Adelaide for many years but has moved back to LA recently but has not relinquished his Aussie visa or, we hope, his Aussie accent. BY the way, have you seen the new tourist ad featuring our Kylie? It’s due for international release any day.
    Yeh, Happy New Year back, Neil 🙂

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