That Kid in the Oven


A little kid climbs into an oven.

It is dark and sooty as a cave.

The kid turns on his torch.

The door shuts behind him.

Someone turns up the heat.


His brow perspires, his eyes begin to bulge,

His heart to race.

The kid scrambles to find an opening, bangs on the glass.

The door slowly opens.

The kid staggers out.

There, says a stern, kindly voice. How was it?

Life isn’t plain sailing. Just so you know.

Huh, who was that? The kid asks.

No one answers.


* courtesy of ‘The Drabble’ on which it has just appeared


6 thoughts on “That Kid in the Oven

  1. fair enough, Chelsea. I respect your opinion. All I can say is I wrote it in a rush of inspiration, containing elements of Hansel and Gretel, God, claustrophobia and a narrative that made sense to me. I could hAve made things more explicit but then would it have been a better piece?


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