The Other Side


My mate phones me from the other side.

How’s it hanging? He asks.

Oh, you know. A little left of centre.

All our conversations begin this way.

How are things with you? I ask.

A bit up in the air, he chuckles.

We take a while to get around to things.

You still with that woman?

Nuh, I say. We had another stoush. You found anyone up there?

I’m in no hurry, he says. You know that old saying: Once bitten …. Besides, I’ve only been here six months.

Don’t go climbing any wonky ladders, I say.

Don’t worry, he says. There’s no light bulbs here.

So what’s the weather like? I ask. Up there?

Heavenly, he says. Heavenly.


2 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. you’ve got to be careful with language, I know. My former partner who is English had never heard of the word before but then I pointed out ins frequency in the Australian press. I decided to stay with it because of its colour and authenticity. I loved ‘Trainspotting’ for the Glaswegian dialect — even though initially it was difficult to read. I love the zest and tang of words. I appreciate your attentive reading, Chelsea, that you had the sensitivity to pick it up and question it


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