My First Daft


I always call it ‘my first daft’ because I let the ideas roll recklessly out of my mind onto the page. No censoring, no editing. That comes later. That comes at the draft stage. For the moment what you have before you, were you to read it, is ‘daffy’, it makes little or no sense. It is amorphous writing. This little piece began amorphously, no punctuation, grammar awry, phrases all jumbled like a Rubik’s Cube before it is solved. If you’re in a hurry, if the ideas are rushing past, then daft writing is the way to go.

9 thoughts on “My First Daft

  1. ‘Daffy like the duck
    is great if you are stuck
    creation maybe, but looks like muck
    you’re maybe thinking, at writing you suck
    keep on going, get ideas out, like an egg for a chook, cluck
    writing, when good, takes more perspiration, than it takes luck
    do your best, accept both praise and blame, don’t pass the buck
    better stop now, lest I write something rude, so not profanity will intrude!’

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