Looking for Silver Linings


Ever since the Corona virus took hold,

I’ve been trying to write this poem about silver linings,

about looking for them in the darkest of days,

and I know there’s a name for this condition,

for someone who’s insistently optimistic: Pollyanna —

& I think of Haley Mills who played the part

in her film debut for Disney, only she was thirteen,

female and wore pigtails, while I’m a senior,

white male and insistently balding; but Optimism,

like Corona, does not recognize age, ethnicity or gender;

we’re all in this together and can find silver linings

in the darkest of storm clouds


  • what silver linings have you found during the past few weeks?
  • is there cause for optimism?

5 thoughts on “Looking for Silver Linings

  1. There is big raft in a tumultuous sea of uncertainty, and it is carrying several crates of unpredictability. In the midst of the storm, the humans on board are finding their creativity and humor. Take a wandering stroll through most of the “social media” platforms. You will find some doom and gloom, but there is a virtual tsunami of love, laughter, good will, encouragement, music, fun, and hope. Many people are being innovative in their quest for interaction.

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  2. Something that works in stopping the virus from becoming damaging to people needs to be developed. Till it is, I don’t see myself being optimistic about the situation. We should try to retain our good spirits, though. That’s for sure.

    Hi John. Bye till next time!

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  3. Fewer planes and cars spewing filth, Nature is loving it! And people are home, working in their gardens, finding beauty in what they have there, flowers and trees. And the amazing creativity that’s coming out, when so many people are ‘stuck at home’!

    A friend of mine calls me Pollyanna, and I have a much better situation than many others, I realise that. I’m doing well enough, and my family are all managing well enough. It is a terrible thing though causing deaths of many people, with many more deaths to come, unfortunately.

    It’s showing the truth about many things, and it would be a good thing for us all to think on the situation we’re in, and find ways to live our lives, and help others. There are many pets in the world who are living their best lives ever! They love this Stay at Home thing!

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