Hey! That’s Not a Word

I was streaking ahead and then she put down that word. It was on a ‘double word’ score.

Hey! That’s NOT a word! I said.

Yes, it is. I was just reading about it in ‘Body and Soul’ [ a supplement in our Sunday newspaper].

And she bent across and showed me.

What does it mean?

It’s something we used to do as schoolgirls, she chuckled. And she told me.

I was flabbergasted. The secret life of schoolgirls, I thought. Wonder of wonders.

Okay, I said. There are 4000 new words in our language each year so why couldn’t that be one of them?

12 thoughts on “Hey! That’s Not a Word

    • Ahh yes: the sixth hour where chanting takes place in the Christian churches; I should know: went to christian boy schools which is maybe why I never heard of ‘qeefing’ 🙂 still a handy word to know: a ‘Q’ word that does not require a ‘U’, only one of two

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  1. We play Scrabble once a week, Neil; we are fairly evenly matched — though each of us has an area of expertise: she’s much better at female matters than me, hence ‘queefing’ whereas I shine on the more esoteric literary ones. Do you yourself play, Neil?

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  2. I remember reading this blog post, and looked up what qeefing meant. Now that I know, I suspect I would only use that word if I absolutely was desperate in a game of Scrabble … Some things don’t require any further discussion. But if the chance was there, and I needed the points, well that might be a very different thing. A q and and f and a g as well, hmm.


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