The cat is the forgotten candidate when they fight:

sure, they hurt each other but the cat recoils too,

even the walls and lounge chairs at the suddenness,

the squall of this. The walls and sofas cannot move,

but the cat can. Exit, pursued by bear. Only small,

but with the memory of an elephant. The cat remembers

long after they forget.

9 thoughts on “Burmese

  1. Oh, this is so sad. It absolutely offers a different perspective on what fighting does to animals too. It’s certainly not healthy for them.

    It might have just been my lagging mind, but when I first read this I was thinking of other cats fighting… which reminded me of my cat (similar to the one in your post picture) who likes to get a front row seat on which two other kitties are trying to kill each other. It is strange.

    Anyway, this is an excellent piece that offers a different point of view, shedding light on such a delicate issue that can happen anywhere.

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  2. thank you: the cat does not have a voice but I know it affects dogs too and canaries in cages, even — though this may be going too far — goldfish in a bowl. In domestic violence incidents the animals are never considered unless there has been physical violence inflicted on them

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