My Walter Mitty V- Neck

Do you like this hi-neck sweater? she says. I’d like to buy it for you for Xmas. But you’ve got to keep it a secret.

I don’t know, he says. I prefer V-necks. Will you buy me a V-neck instead?

What have you got against hi-necks anyway?

You can’t whip your iPhone out or wallet from your top pocket at a moment’s notice, he says.

You’re not Walter Mitty? are you she says. You’re not a gunslinger.

But, but ….

And your top pockets are not holsters, are they? And this is West Lakes Shopping Centre NOT the Wild West!!

Can’t a guy dream? I smile

  • do you know who Walter Mitty is?
  • do you sometimes fantasize about being someone else?
  • do the clothes you wear create fantasies or do you buy certain clothes because they ‘feed’ a fantasy?

11 thoughts on “My Walter Mitty V- Neck

  1. I don’t know Walter Mitty. Changing styles to ‘feed’ a fantasy has never worked for me. Questions like “what’s the coefficient of friction in those pants”, while humorous, are off putting to me. I dress safely and avoid gun slinger types. 😆😉


  2. Yes, I know who Walter is, and this is hilarious. In my hippie dress phase, I imagined myself hitchhiking to Woodstock, thigh I was too young to even know where to begin, probably a good thing )

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  3. I remember Woodstock; it is ingrained in my hippy consciousness though I’ve never been there. I’ve been to the US twice — or was it thrice? — each time for our daughter’s ices skating 🙂 and I favoured V-necks even then 🙂


  4. I’ve read that story now, and loved it. I’ve a feeling I may have read it before, but it was well worth reading it again.
    Sometimes I think about being a well known person, often flown around the world to give talks on a range of different subjects … I’ve given a few talks to different groups, and am trying to spread the word about my abilities as a speaker.
    If you ever need someone to talk about living with chronic illness, dogs, harness racing, depression, sexual abuse, the joys of gardening, many writing subjects, putting on a Festival, or a poetry reading, being the Editor of a town newsletter, moving from the suburbs to the country, birdwatching for fun and inspiration, small town politics, finding joy in the ordinary things in life, and a number of other things.

    All with a smile and a bit of a joke, and everyone will enjoy themselves!


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