The Nine Towers

While I was sleeping

the nine towers rose

in my head

from the TV news

the night before;

They were nothing like

the Eiffel Tower

or the Burj Khalifa

of Dubai

not even the Tower of Babel

though their residents spoke

in a multitude of tongues,

Instead they were the nine

po-faced Tower Blocks of Melbourne

ringed by police

like a besieging army

in ‘hard lockdown’:

a term we had never heard before.

They looked more like the Grenfell Towers

though the fires consuming them

were a virus and fear

10 thoughts on “The Nine Towers

  1. yes, Beth; it shocked us all; we’re the State next door to Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital; its Premier Dana Andrews said, ironically, a week before ‘who would want to visit South Australia?’ Now he is eating his words , as in ‘Who would want to visit Victoria?” How did things get so bad? Investigations, we are told, are ‘still continuing’.

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  2. It is an awful situation when the defense forces are called in to ‘handle’ people living and working in our country … Police, Politicians, Defence, Social Workers, Volunteers, caring Australians, all taking part in this terrible and unknowable event. How will it end? Who will know the answer, and will the answer ever be the sole truth about it? Every person may have their own true answer …

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  3. has this lock-down gone too far, Carolyn? it reminds me of the dreadful lockdowns in Wuhan in the early days of the crisis; and how will these people feel if the lockdown is extended from 5 to 14 days ? The number of new cases today is 197 😦


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