The Problem of Stephen King

Stephen King wrote a lot.

If God were as busy as Stephen King

He would not have rested on that seventh day.

Stephen King wrote as many books almost

as God put up stars

but not all of them were good.

None of them were duds

but only a few shine — you know them:

‘The Shining’, for instance, ‘Misery’,

the first third of ‘It’, the novella ‘Stand by Me’.

Maybe that’s all we can hope for —-

in a long and busy life only a few of our works

will shine.

*have I left any good ones out?

*what’s your favourite King book?

*which have you read over and over?

16 thoughts on “The Problem of Stephen King

  1. ahh yes: ‘Green Mile’ certainly and to be fair to Stephen King I never gave ‘The Stand’ much of a chance and ‘The Dark Tower’ didn’t appeal, I think because I thought it was Fantasy more than pure Horror


  2. I had a skim read of Mr. Mercedes but couldn’t get into it either. ‘The Running Man’ I know and like. If I remember correctly it was written under a pseudonym. ‘The Long Walk’ I don’t know. A few of his short stories like ‘Dune’ and especially ‘The Man in the Black Suit’ I really loved


  3. I loved Stephen King early on, and my love waned over the years as he branched out a bit. it was ‘me’ not him. I loved ‘the shining’ and ‘misery’ too, and my favorite short story was ‘the long walk’


  4. I agree completely that “On Writing” is a great book. As for his fiction, I really enjoy most of his work. Granted, most of my Stephen King experience comes from theatrical and television adaptations. I love movies, what can I say! That’s why I moved to LA to write them. 🙂 My favorites are The Green Mile, The Shining, Misery, Carrie, The Shawshank Redemption, The Stand, Firestarter, The Outsider, Children of the Corn, Christine…and of course – Stand by Me!! Love that film. I’m a horrible critic. I have a hard time criticizing anyone who has the will and creativity to share their art. Call me an optimist 🙂

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  5. that is a great attitude, Kevin and it’s so good to hear from you. Yes, I had forgot about ‘Carrie’, both the film and the book. He’s written some great short stories too, especially ‘The Man in the Black Suit’. The man sure churns them out 🙂

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