The Blossoms

You hear of early risers

but these apple blossoms take the cake

five weeks of winter to go.

Couldn’t they have waited?

Slept in?

Hibernated like bears?

But no, something drove them on,

something shiny and imperious.

Hope maybe? Faith that some

would get through?

They certainly brighten the street

lift the spirit in these cramped covid times.

Little blossoms of faith I photograph

to remind me, and I can’t help hearing

someone whistling in the back of my head,

with his hands in his pockets

always look on the bright side, and I start

whistling too

14 thoughts on “The Blossoms

  1. I’ve finally seen that movie! 🙂

    Nature is full of surprises (like your exuberant apple blossoms). This afternoon I had to whisper-yell to P because there were striated pardelotes in our pear tree. Several years ago a pair came and seemed interested in nesting in our garage. But we couldn’t let them as it was often shut all day and they would have cooked in there (or at least starved). So we started making sure we shut it all the time. That was sad. We have so few little birds around our place. Now we’ve added a carport to the garage and I’m hoping they’ll nest under that. They are the sweetest looking little birds!

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  2. I’m glad my little poem evoked those wonderful memories. What a sight it must have been, those striated pardelotes ! I assume by ‘that movie’ you mean ‘The Life of Brian’. What irreverent fun that was 🙂


  3. I now have an ear worm 🐛😂😅
    Spring has been crazy here for a few years with plants not really knowing when is the right time, I hope the world will adjust to our warmer planet… but in the meanwhile I’ll keep doing my little bits to help her along.

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  4. i’m like that too, when winter is almost over and i can imagine warm weather on the. horizon, shorts and sandals on, even though it’s freezing. it’s a wishful and hopeful gesture

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  5. optimism is starting to blossom again, perhaps a little prematurely but I’ve been walking with a bounce in my step the last few days, though still not in shorts and sandals 🙂


  6. along the whole wide street this was the sole tree that blossomed; it could not help but bring joy to one’s hearts, especially with the blossoms making love to the sun 🙂


  7. sorry Boromax. The poem seemed too clunky, too convoluted. I hAd been working on it off and on for four days and it just didn’t seem to come together. In the short term I’m going to have to abandon it. It may be my ideas are more suitable for a different literary form, perhaps the essay. Sorry I’ve messed you and others around 😦

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