12 thoughts on “When I Come Back

  1. Fantastic! Books teeming with life, action, adventure, wisdom, foolishness, simplicity, and profundity; yet all apparently placid, compliant, orderly. Living in peace snuggled together on the shelves. Love it.

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  2. I enjoy the calm simplicity of this message. My dad always said that he, a slender, iron-fisted, person practicing relentless self control, wanted to come back as a hippopotamus. I think that he dreamed of uncontrolled eating, obesity suckered in wallowing pools, indiscriminate sex under water and a territory marked by sprayed feces. Is the composure you dream of a contrast to today’s life or a just conclusion?

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  3. that’s most interesting, suggesting another post which I’ll work on centred around which animal you’d like to come back as πŸ™‚ No, not just the corona virus; I guess I’m a bit like your dad in that sometimes I let my emotions run away with me, but I’m constantly working on it. I find Buddhism helps

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