Thoze Cranberries

Thoze Cranberries

in the morning

not the ones you eat

though they’re pretty good too

but the ones you listen to

the ones from Ireland playing now

over the PA system in the mall


thoze impossible melodies

thoze haunted lines

playing through my blood

my brain,

such beauty,

such ‘harmonious madness’

hinting at what?

we’ll never know

joy or tragedy?

I go outside.

The day moves slow.

* what piece of music moves you?

11 thoughts on “Thoze Cranberries

  1. Your question sent me on quite a musical spree while I crumbed the schnitzels for dinner. I enjoyed Fleetwood Mac’s Big Love (the live version – just the man and his guitar), Simple Mind’s Belfast Child, the Rach 3 and had just started on Joaquin Rodriguez’ Aranjuez Concerto when I got interrupted. I also love Mon Amie la Rose by Natasha Atlas and many many other things. But … the question was what moves you? For me that’s very dependent on mood.

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  2. I know what else moves me: call me an old sentimentalist but I break up whenever John Williamson sings ‘True Blue’; great fan of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘You Make Loving Fun’. I have yet to really appreciate the Rach 3 but am aware of its iconic status. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  3. ahh yes, David, I knew that; and I suppose there are others beside Van and U2. Ireland has been a rich source of musicians and poets. not forgetting novelists; I remember I had to go to a pornography shop in Port Adelaide in my adolescence to get a copy of ‘Ulysses’ 🙂


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