Not Another Cat Poem

I’ve written another poem about a cat.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do that,

But this one leapt upon the page

and as usual took centre stage;

the other poems took off and scurried,

looking set upon and rather harried.

There was one about a lecherous leer —

that would have to wait another year;

and one about my old dog Trigger

who humped his mattress with manly vigour.

So may things about which to write

but this cat poem purrs with delight.

18 thoughts on “Not Another Cat Poem

    • I wanted to leave this comment on ‘Prey ‘ but there was no space so I qould have said: interesting story which gets you in — and leaves you a little irritated: we never do learn why she was ‘aloof’ to her admirer: was it because she was the waiter’s girl?

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      • So this story comes from my experience from college. There was this guy who approached me for ‘friendship’. Naive as I was, I told him I have too many friends to manage and don’t have time for new people in my life. This guy, a tall dark handsome hunk, never really got the point. He kept coming back. Eventually, he stuck his phone number on the milometer of my scooter. Some good looking men, it seems, never understand ‘not interested’.

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  1. I liked your poem, John. It’s more a Schrodinger’s Cat poem though, really – is there actually a cat, or is it merely a figment of your extremely active imagination, John? I feel I could write a poem about that. Perhaps I could read the poem when you are the guest poet at the Gawler Poets at the Pub event at the end of September …

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