Wolf Down

A few years ago I read a book called Wolf Hall.

Now I’m writing about Wolf Down

what the cat does with food when it’s been stuck

on the roof all day;

what we do now

wolfing down pleasure,


the great outdoors,

going for drives,

doing stuff together,

hoping to outfox the old virus for another day.

9 thoughts on “Wolf Down

  1. You’re not kidding. I guess many of us are taking chances, but we hopefully will be okay by following guidelines as much as we can. For instance, my wife and I have eaten at restaurants a lot over the last 6 or so weeks. We always eat outdoors and use hand sanitizer during and after the meals.


  2. we do likewise here, Neil, but because it is winter down under we do eat in restaurants inside but follow safe distancing protocols; also our case numbers have been very very low for a long time; sometimes you just got to take your chances 🙂

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