This is For You, she said

Maybe because I was slipping away into the comfortable, undemanding

arms of magazines, she gave me a brand new bookmark from ifaw.

Now all you have to do is find a book to put it in, she said.

It’s like someone buys you a pair of slippers for your birthday,

you’ve got to get a dressing gown to go with them, and then a box of cigars

and a bottle of tawny port like an English gentleman to get you through

the evening and a cozy murder mystery to curl up with before the fire

& suddenly I knew what type of novel I wanted.

  • what book have you got .lined up to read?
  • do you smoke cigars, drink tawny port and curl up before the fire of a winter evening?

14 thoughts on “This is For You, she said

  1. I would look at Lord of Rings or Three Men in a boat. I have read them endless times, breaking the spine…and so has my father, but I just can’t have enough of them. My list of to read books on Google Play is endless, but not something I am dying to read. I am more of a real book with musty smell person!

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  2. So am I; I prefer the hard copy version of books and magazines; much more nostalgic and solid šŸ™‚ the only book I’m dying to read is Carolyn’s Cozy Murder Mystery when she finishes it šŸ™‚


  3. Ah, yes. Murder mysteries. My favorite…. along with a bit of sci-fi now and then…. heheh. Right now I am making my way through Jonathan Kellerman’s “The Butcher’s Theatre” – wickedly beautiful.

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