That Little Kid at Maccas

That little kid in Maccas

from Aldinga Primary

with one hand on his yellow scooter

is picking up his order as I

am putting mine through.

Hello, he says brightly

& I say, hello, back

& I think should I be even speaking

with this kid?

[hasnโ€™t he heard of stranger danger?]

so I ask him when did school go back

& he says, Monday so I ask him what grade he is in

[ he isnโ€™t that little]

so I guess, Year seven

& he says, Year 5

& adds he comes each morning to Maccas

to fill up his tummy

so he can work hard .

He collects his pancake with chocolate syrup and strawberry milkshake

& scoots off

with his bag of calories and good work ethic.

*pic courtesy of Wiki Commons

10 thoughts on “That Little Kid at Maccas

  1. In Spain people talk to kids they don’t know all the time, and I think it’s very healthy for the kids’ self-esteem and social skills. We’re planning to move to Norway where I’m from, and it worries me that people are a lot more distanced to strangers there. My daughter loves the attention people give her, and I think it’s the best way to learn which situations can be dangerous and which will not.

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  2. I think here in Oz that people are wary of engaging a young unknown child in a conversation in case the encounter is misconstrued or maybe it;s just me.

    How exciting though, moving to Norway, a big adventure. You say you come from there: is that the source material for some of your amazing tales, which I’m about to visit?


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