66 Days

It took 66 days for Bobby Sands to starve himself to death.

It took me many years to starve my mind of the fear of public speaking

& though I have come a long way & people praise my confidence

it is still a work-in-progress

  • what fears have you overcome either partially or fully?
  • mural in Belfast courtesy of Wiki Commons

13 thoughts on “66 Days

  1. I have a feat of public speaking. I am a good conversationalist one-on-one. But I am also foot-in-mouth. Formal public speaking is, thus, far out of my comfort zone. This had kept me away from imparting training to my teammates for many years, mostly because virtual training is more of a monologue than actual stuff. This year, my Lead pushed me to impart this training virtually. So I and a friend decided to change the way it was done, converting it into a workshop and for the first time in the history of ever, virtual training on this tool has imparted superb results.
    For the first time in the history of ever, I have enjoyed public speaking.

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