Sometimes I put up a post and no one visits.

No  ‘likes’.

No ‘comments’.

There is a terrible silence.

I’m like the wallflower at the dance.

The cheese that stands alone.

.I shrink. I shrivel.

I want to run, hide.

I’m the cowardly lion.

I panic.

I take the post down. I ditch it.

You must have noticed..

But once in a while, like my ‘Desecration’ post on Big Blue Mouth,

I leave it.

I stand by it.

I stand up for it.

Damn it all! It’s good, I say

Sometimes I have courage. Sometimes I don’t.

31 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Oh yes!! Something all bloggers can relate to!! By the way, you wrote a post recently… the one that starts with a fish in a bowl. I have been unable to like it. It comes up with an error. So it’s not always that your readers are ignoring you. 🙂

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    • Ah, your rapidly disappearing posts have confused me, and left me wondering if I’d imagined them John. I’m glad for the clarification … But I wonder what we all missed because we didn’t have the time to post a considered response you your words …

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  2. to be honest, Carolyn, I don’t think you missed much; most I took down partly because on reflection I didn’t think they were good enough BUT I stood by ‘Desecration’ even though it took quite a while to attract traffic because I FULLY believed in it

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  3. If you believed in it enough when you posted it, don’t let the doubts come and knock you back. You did believe, so stand by you. I’ve wondered why some of your posts appear in the WP reader app but won’t let me like them, only to find they are gone from your site.

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    • Think each post through thoroughly,before you post it, and then stand by what you have done. If you have second thoughts, address them as comments, rather than deleting the original post, perhaps. That can lead to more comments, and that has to be a good thing, as long as any comments there are not spammy rubbish ones.

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  4. Some of us… e.g., yours truly… may be delinquent in getting to your posts. Life intervenes and rudely distracts us away from our scholarly blog-reading schedules! Dadburn life! When that happens some of us.. I… don’t like or comment right away!

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    • I agree. There are some days when I don’t see mails and open reader for a week and then I see notifications sitting right there. I read the excerpt, I open the post, but the page is no more…I am saddened at the lost opportunity, but well that’s life!

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  5. Instant gratification?!
    I thought that was only
    an affliction
    of the young 🤔
    Patience is a virtue
    when it comes down
    to the great expectations
    for you and your poem.
    John, you are a wordsmith
    of courage renowned 😎👍

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