Five Seconds

We were speaking about the disproportionate

use of force by the Allies

during World War Two

esp the fire bombing of Dresden

when he brought it up

to the present

& personal:

when after an eighteen years’ cold case the police

finally caught up with him

& he was sentenced:

just think, he said, shaking his head,

fifteen years

for five seconds of madness

8 thoughts on “Five Seconds

  1. iy was a famous case: my mate Adrian was the killer — he was arrested at my place where he was boarding while I was at Aldinga with Caty — and he’s halfway through his sentence, having killed his artist friend, Dale McAuley, as he admits in a ‘fit of temper’. You’re right: a deep breath would have saved both of them


  2. Fifteen years of worrying if he’ll be caught. I think that’s a huge punishment. Salman Khan, the famous actor, has a case of drunk driving that killed and maimed several people. A moment of indiscretion that has killed his personal life. He is fighting the case and hasn’t married yet for the fear that he might be hanged in the near future. He says he can’t do this to the woman he loves…


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